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4" Custom PVC Cold Air Intake

4" Custom PVC Cold Air Intake. I used directions from this page:

Additional materials I used: 3" to 3" PVC Coupling I used the directions pretty closely, except for a few differences. First, about moving the ABS, I moved mine, however I made one for my friend and we did not move his. It's really a toss up... In moving it, you risk damaging brake lines, and it takes some time...not much, but more time. In my car(which I moved the ABS) I didn't have to dent the pipe as much as on my friend's car( which I didn't move the ABS). I really don't think the difference in the airflow will be much between the two. Plus, the difference between the two is just a little bit further dented in( smaller inside diameter), and mainly just dented longer(instead of about a 1" long dent on the moved-ABS, on the non-moved ABS, it was dented about 2" -3" long(ballpark...don't use this as a guide). So, it really is up to you...either way you still have a CAI that is ten times better than stock...Shoot, its probably better than a FIPK! Personally I don't think it makes a difference since the MAF is 3" anyway, the big 4" diameter PVC is only necessary for the air to make the 90' turn... if I had to do it again, I probably wouldn't move the ABS unit... That's your call though! Also, I used K&N part number RU 2820 which is a cylindrical filter with a 3" ID opening and 7" long. To attach to the CAI system I cut off the rubber bushing on the end( the place where the hose clamp goes) and cut the hole big enough to fit the 2" long piece of 3" diameter PVC(Regular 40 series wall thickness(the normal plumbing stuff) inside just a little bit...(the 3" diameter PVC has an ID of 3" and an OD a little bigger). I glued it in there with high temp clear RTV silicone, and let set up a few hours. Then, I used a 3" to 3" straight PVC coupling(to connect two ends together(40 series). Now, cut a little less than 2" off this coupling and slide it over the 3" piece, and glue it into place. This is to build up to fit the 4" Rubber Plumbing Coupling...I tried to build it up with electrical tape, but it's such a big space that it didn't hold...This is much more solid anyway. So now, you should have a filter with a 3" piece sticking out with a 3" coupling piece glued on top of that, now slide the Rubber Plumbing Coupling on and tighten it down. One more thing that I did differently is on his webpage he suggests using the rubber bushing off the K&N on the MAF to build up the diameter to fit in the Plumbing Coupling(the MAF OD is 3" and the RPC ID is 4") I did this, but it wasn't enough, so I used the rubber gasket from where the old air pipe section attached to the MAF(under the hose clamp) on top of the K&N bushing, too. Oh, and you want 'Drainage' PVC, and as a general guideline you'll know if you have the right thickness if when you grab the end you can bend it when you squeeze it. They do make a 40 series and an 80 series PVC, but these are both way too thick... so if you say that you need 'thinner PVC' and they give you 40 series PVC they aren't wrong...because it is thinner than 80 series...but do not try to use this!! I wasted an hour and a half trying to make this work! I think that is all that surprised me when trying to do this mod...It's not that hard to do...the second one only took about 30 minutes... the first took a little longer!!...but hopefully with these tips you won't make the same mistakes that I did!
Here are some pics of it in my buddy's car. This is the one that we did not move the ABS Unit. It could be cleaned up and made to look better by sanding down the joints and the little nubs and stuff on the PVC, but we stuck this one in as quick as possible. We'll probably clean it up sooner or later.

UPDATE 4/02: After months of the plumbing coupling that fastens to the MAF not staying put due to the smaller size of the MAF (the coupling was 4" and the MAF is 3") I finally went ahead and bought a 4" - 3" coupling to replace it. It fits very nice and now it seals. Amazingly enough the car still ran pretty good with it as loose as it was. I could literally just pull them apart with my hands... so it wasn't sealing good at all. I'll try and get some pics of the new coupling sometime soon. Email me if you have any questions!

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