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B&M Ripper Shifter Install

Okay, I did this install by myself, so its not that difficult. Just take your time and think before you screw something up...not that there is that much to screw up, but you know what I mean. Clean out the center console as you must remove it completely. First unscrew your shifter knob and take it off. Then snap out the boot and slide it up over the shift stick and set aside. Now take out the screw in the center console, under the lid, the one under where the shift boot was in place and one in the very front inside the 'cd holder.' Now pull the emergency brake all the way on. Work the center console up and off the emergency brake and set aside. This step requires some manuevering, be carefull not to break the console. Now remove the bolts holding on the lower shift boot:

Okay, now remove the bolts holding the shifter stick to the shifter mechanism:

Slide the stick off:

Slide off the lower shift boot:

Remove the four bolts holding the shifter on the transmission:

Remove the shifter by pulling up, if there is a little white piece attached to the ball you see on the end of the shifter in this pic, put it back in the round hole as it came out...mine didn't do that but I've heard it sometimes does. Then clean the mounting surface of the transmission with a putty knife, try not to drop crap inside the transmission. Then apply some orange gasket crap on the mounting surface, and stick the new shifter in the hole, stick the bolts in, tighten them down, and reinstall everything the same way. I used the stops, I set them the way B&M said, I just put them in for the heck of it, as B&M said themselves they are redundant since the T56 already has shift stops...Your call. Hope these pics helped! Good Luck!

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